Guide For Paving

You must choose the contractor that has wealth of knowledge and who understands the needs and wants of the customers.

A contractor must ensure finest materials and the modern day plant and construction methods in order to ensure 100% quality and guaranteed satisfaction to the customers. The choice of materials is also important and concrete has been widely for paving. There are various other modern designs can go in to paving in order to ensure you get unique pattern or outdoor decor.  Have a look at  VA Beach Paving Pros for more info on this.

-The modern paver patterns:

The laying of patterns may seem easy and you may be tempted to think that anyone can do it. While this is partially true, making modern patterns involves more than just putting together pieces like in puzzle. The first step when using pavers is selection of pattern. There are many choices of patterns.

The popular choices include the following –


These are mostly used in patio areas and in drive ways. The pattern is created by the laying of paver rows such that they form circular pattern. The paver rows are usually laid from the center. The small spaces left in between the paver rows are filled with sand or mortar so as to ensure the even surface is obtained.

Other popular patterns are herringbone, basket weave, European fan, running bond, checkered patterns and flagstone designs and cobblestone designs.

-Introducing the pattern imprinted concrete:

Among the most popular choices in the recent times is pattern imprinted concrete. This paving technique involves the use of stamping moulds and addition of colours in to the situ concrete. In this system, acrylic agents, release agents and colour surface hardeners are combined with tools of three dimension texturing in order to create remarkable designs.

Paving contractors can also use the pattern imprinted to design and recreate block-pavers, granite, cobbles, flags, slags and many other effects. In short, by the use of various colours and patterns and imagination, many individual creations or special effects can be created. At the moment, the pattern imprinted concrete is the most popular and superior pattern on the market as it needs minimal maintenance and lasts very long.

-Use of quality material is not a choice:

It is important to ensure that your paving contractor uses only materials of high quality. Everything used must conform to the British standards. For instance, the concrete formulation is likely to work best if it contains fibre mesh reinforcement. This fibre mesh reinforced concrete after being sealed is about 25% harder as compared to the standard concrete. This is the reason why modern paving contractors now recommend to their clients the pattern imprinted fibre mesh reinforced concrete over the traditional block paving drive way.